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Interview with Deanna (Parent)

“We wasted many THOUSANDS of dollars and Hundreds of hours w/ other tutoring programs.
It is such a relief to be here @ the Door of Hope Learning Center!”

Interview with Maribel (Parent)

“We heard about the Door of Hope Learning Center from a friend @ work. Her confidence has sky-rocketed since she started coming to Door of Hope, & always loves coming here!”

Interview with Kara (Parent)

“We KNEW our child was bright, but neither her teachers, or us, could help her. She needed ANOTHER trainer & our friend recommended Door of Hope”.

Interview with Matisse (Parent)

“Homeschooling student … 2nd generation Door of Hope student”

Interview with Jamie (Parent)

He would struggle on very simple words. He’d get his endings mixed up. We would go over and over them and it just didn’t seem to stick. He was easily distracted.

Now he enjoys reading and does it all on his own. He is full of confidence and sees that he is now at the top of his class instead of where he saw himself before, struggling at the bottom.

What Our Clients say

"Karen Peavler has been tutoring Angel for only about 6 weeks, now. In that period of time, we have seen a huge improvement in his reading. His personal confidence level has gone from a ‘0’ to a ‘10’. Karen tells us that is a common ‘side-effect’ when kids learn to read. We never realized that investing in his reading would affect so many areas of his life. We see the changes in him everywhere. Angel is reading and sounding out things all around him; signs, menus, billboards. And you should just see the big smile on his face as he does this … it’s the BEST!!! We even watched on as Angel was teaching his FOUR year old cousin about the vowels & consonant sounds, and he has even taught me a few reading tricks. We have tried other programs, summer programs, and online educational sites … ALL with zero results. Karen uses this “LindaMood Bell” method of tutoring, and all I can say is this “IT WORKS!” He has already progressed so much, and I am very happy to know that our Angel will soon be reading above grade level … a goal we would’ve never even dreamed of before we met Karen Peavler.
With a thankful heart, Oralia Soto"
Parent of Angel
"Our son, Vincent, was having a terrible time in school in the 4th grade, barely getting by with ‘D’s & ‘F’s. He was discouraged and almost hated going to school each day, and had very little self-esteem or confidence. Because of the fact that Vincent had lead poisoning when he was little, we had been told, by both schools, and even the doctors, that he would remain like this the rest of his life and would not even be able to learn! We took him to Karen Peavler for her to tutor him in reading. In less than 6 months, Vincent turned totally around! He became confident in his abilities to read. His grades went up to mostly ‘A’s & ‘B’s. It seemed like a miracle to us. He now enjoys going to school and knows he can do well in his classes, and the frustration he always experienced is gone. We can only say ‘thank you’ to Karen, and could not recommend her highly enough. Her track record speaks for itself.
Sincerely, with much gratitude,
Tom and Melissa
Parents of Vincent
"This is a letter of recommendation for Karen Peavler . Mrs. Peavler tutored my son David when he was in elementary school because he had a serious learning disability and was not able to remember the letters of the alphabet, which made it impossible for him to learn to read. With her excellent tutelage and diligence, David was able to learn to recognize the alphabet and remember it in a very short time and learned to read as well. She helped in his pursuit to become a computer technical sales adviser and he has done very well in that industry. I highly recommend Karen Peavler. She has integrity, is very dependable, and her positive attitude makes her an incredible person to work with.
Lydia C
Parent of David
"I am a 46 year old woman who has always struggled with retaining anything I read. I struggle with staying focused well and this one challenge has frequently made life very difficult for me. On September 5 of this year I began tutoring with Karen Peavler via Skype. I have already seen many positive changes in my life as I am learning to remember what I read and how to focus. I would recommend Karen as a tutor to anyone without reservation. She has proven to be a wonderful tutor with a heart to help people succeed. If you have any further questions regarding my experience with Karen Peavler, I would be happy to discuss them with you. Sincerely yours

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