This is a video from 2012, & is not as
high of quality of a recording as the others,
but you'll enjoy hearing Karen's story.

Would you like to find
a truly successful
Reading Tutor in Bakersfield?

You need a reading tutor that has
decades of experience and
success with all kinds of
reading problems…
even if your child
has learning

“I heard about the Door of Hope Learning Center from a friend at work. My 13 year old daughter’s confidence has sky-rocketed since she started, and she always loves coming to be tutored at Door of Hope!”

“We wasted many THOUSANDS of dollars and Hundreds of hours w/ other tutoring programs.
It is such a relief to be here @ the Door of Hope Learning Center!”

“We KNEW our child was bright, but neither her teachers, or us, could help her. She needed ANOTHER trainer & our friend recommended Door of Hope”.

“Homeschooling student … 2nd generation Door of Hope student”


Reading Tutors in Bakersfield - Door of Hope Learning Center

Help for struggling readers

We create an intervention uniquely designed for each individual. Through one-on-one tutoring we give them the key to unlock their ability to sound out simple words, then more complex, proceeding toward making them a self-correcting and fluent reader.

Our programs

We use programs that are well-recognized in the teaching community. They are:
*LiPS* – for sounding out words
*Seeing Stars* – for word recognition
*Visualizing / Verbalizing* – for comprehension

Help for poor comprehension

Those with poor comprehension may be good readers, but they do not remember what they have read. They must read a text over and over to answer questions about it. They may remember some details but miss the big picture. They generally are not able to answer the higher level questions about the text such as, “What is the main idea?” or “What do you think happens next?”

Why You Want to Work With
Door Of Hope Learning Center

We specialize in HOPE for learning disabilities. At Door of Hope we work to give every person the opportunity to be the best they can be by giving them the priceless gift of reading. When a person learns to read a very large door is opened to them that had previously been slammed shut…a “Door of Hope“! 

Most of our students are very bright. They come to us frustrated and discouraged because they aren’t able to succeed in school the way the other kids around them are. Their parents are baffled because they know their child is smart so they can’t understand why they aren’t performing in school like they should.

After a while, these students developed avoidance behaviors to keep from having to do the things they know they will fail at. If they had not come to us, they may have never reached their true potential. But now they have hope!


Summertime is the BEST time
to help your child
get ready for the next school year

Reading Tutors in Bakersfield

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When you find the Door of Hope Learning Center,
you’ll discover that when you’ve hit the wall, 
we can show you the Door of Hope.

Reading Tutor in Bakersfield


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Best Reading Tutor in Bakersfield

Reading Tutoring by the Best Reading Tutor in Bakersfield; Door of Hope Learning Center is a truly successful reading tutoring center that has decades of experience and success with all kinds of reading problems even if your child has learning disabilities!
This reading tutoring center is near by Kern County and other best neighborhoods in Bakersfield; Downtown Bakersfield, Olde Stockdale, Seven Oaks at Grand Island, Laurelglen, Tevis Ranch, Quailwood, Amberton, CSU Bakersfield, Oleander Sunset, Stockdale, Seven Oaks, Kern River, Stockdale Highway, Wible Road, M.L.K. Community, Jastro Avenue & Mcnew Court, and the Cottonwood Community. And also near to Bernard Street, Mount Vernon Avenue, East California Avenue, and Union Avenue. The town of Oildale is located there. It also near to Bakersfield’s commercial airport, Meadows Field.