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The Reading Tutors in Bakersfield

The programs we use at Door of Hope Learning Center were developed over 30 years ago by Patricia Lindamood and Nancy Bell. They have been used to successfully teach people all over the world to read, spell and comprehend.

These programs are well-recognized in the teaching community. They are: *LiPS – which develops the ability to sound out unfamiliar words (Word Attack) *Seeing Stars – which develops Word Recognition and Spelling *Visualizing and Verbalizing – which develops ComprehensionLB circlesAs explained by the Lindamood-Bell Processes, “The ability to process language is a prerequisite to learning content. Specifically the ability to decode, the ability to retain sight words, the ability to spell, the ability to comprehend written and oral language, and the ability to think critically are all necessary for success in content areas. (from